Saturday, January 11, 2014

Womens Tweed Jackets - Casual Chic Style Recommendations

You can't get through winter without tweeds. Women's Tweed jackets have come a long way -- a far cry from the secretarial style of the 1950's. Today's tweed jackets are edgy, fun, and represents the modern woman who's always dressed to the nine, and ready to take on the world.

Cape Style Tweed Coat with Faux Fur Hood (OASAP Limited)

I like this tweed jacket because it's a cape. This unique design resonates a certain fashion-forwardness.

Cape Style Tweed Coat with Faux Fur Hood

Double Breasted Coat with Pleated Hem (OASAP Limited)

A military-style, with double breasted feature, offers toughness - a fantastic look for winter. Add feminine pleats on the bottom, and you're given a well-balanced and approachable appeal.

Double Breasted Coat with Pleated Hem

Plaid Tweed Coat (OASAP Limited)

Give it up for plaids! It's casual; it's easy-going; and it's been coming back every season. Some people argue that plaid is "old man style." I feel they are wrong. With the right cut, like the long and lean jacket below, a well-designed plaid women's tweed jacket fits anyone.

Plaid Tweed Coat

Faux Leather Tweed Jacket (Forever 21)

The appeal of this jacket lies in its edginess. I like its asymmetry; I like its faux leather; and I like how it looks cool and sexy. It's a good jacket for everyday.

Faux Leather & Tweed Jacket

Calvin Klein Metallic Tweed Jacket (Amazon)

This tweed jacket has such a clean cut -- simple yet stylish. It can be styled with both jeans and formal outfits. A great addition to your closet.

Calvin Klein Metallic Tweed Jacket

Thank you for reading.

How do you feel about womens tweed jackets?


  1. The plaid is my favorite. Overall I love these jackets but find it silly to wear them in LA. In new york, I'd wear them like crazy!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. So many cute choices. I absolutely adore those leggings with that coat!

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  3. I have a couple of tweed jackets similar to the last two pics...they're great with jeans and a tee.

  4. I like so much this plaid tweed coat

  5. Nice jackets!

  6. I love cape jackets! I've been looking to buy one for myself

  7. Tweed jackets are such a great pieces. Every women should has one in her wardrobe. You look always very chic.
    My favorite is the cape jacket, so pretty

  8. These are so gorgeous!
    Love the plaid!


  9. Wow, great collection of coats, I really like the tweed one... think Il be adding that to my never ending clothing wish list!

  10. hello gorgeous :)

    lovely coats!
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    Kisses, Pati ♥

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