Sunday, December 15, 2013

Casual Chic Outfit - Mom's Michael Kors Bag

Total Cost: $179

About the Casual Chic Outfit

This outfit was a splurge--at least for someone like me. Most of the cost goes to foot wear. They are modestly priced for Enzo Angiolini boots, but still cost quite a bit. Unfortunately, you can't avoid spending over $100 for a pair of quality boots.

Because the boots and the jeans are casual, I decided to go soft on top. A pink blazer over blush-toned shirt dress contrasted well. Add a sparkly loop scarf, and this cold-weathered look is complete.

What I really like about this outfit, though, is the bag--the gorgeous Michael Kors Hamilton. My mom loaned it to me for traveling, and I'm in love! This bag is just the right size and style for a middle-aged woman like myself. The handle grips comfortably; the interior is roomy and comfortable; and the exterior has a luxurious appeal, but without being logo-happy. This particular MK handbag cost about $350, but is worth every penny.

About the Day

I was in Portland for a weekend to see college friends, and had a lot of fun. It's always nice to enjoy girl-time and catch up with old friends. We did as much thrift-shopping as we can, and of course, ate delicious local food.

I cannot wait to go back.

Thank you for reading!


Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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  2. Wow you really can do great outfit so little money. I wish I had that talent.

  3. Such a great outfit here in such a tight budget, well done, love the pink blazer and the MK bag!

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  4. Awe your weekend sounds amazing, what a nice way to get some free time. Love the pink jacket, it is a standout and of coarse so is the bag...gorgeous, and what a nice mom you have to loan it to you!
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  6. Love this look, the blazer is awesome! ;D



  7. I really like it. Have a nice day-.

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  9. you're looking so great, lovely outfit
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