Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Casual Chic Outfit of the Day - Not a Label Lover

Total Cost: $92

About the Casual Chic Outfit

There's lot of negativity in blogosphere about fashion bloggers. Many of them are being picked apart for ridiculous things, like posing sideways or featuring their husbands. These comments make me happy that I'm not popular enough to be targeted. (Knock on wood.)

While I don't condone attacking others, I do agree with readers' opinion about fashion bloggers' "label loving." Some of their purchases cost absurd money. I'm talking four digits!

While I do appreciate and promote quality clothing and accessories, I'm not into luxury labels. I'm a mom, and a thousand dollars means two months' pre-school, family vacation, or toys for an entire childhood. If I drop over a grand on a bag, just to show off its designer name, I'd be eaten by guilt. For that, I'll stick with the less desirable yet still capable brands like Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Coach -- and get them on clearance.

I'm not a label lover. I simply can't afford to be.

My outfit today, like all outfits before, lacks label. I'm proud of it still, because the more I save, the more I can spend on my children.

Thank you for your time!


Do you agree with what I wrote?


  1. me too, i am not a label lover. As long as the pieces looks fine in a cheap rice, that would be fine! :)

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